Vegetarian Delight - 13 Grilled portabella mushroom, curry tofu cakes, and potato cakes served over an Asian spiced tomato sauce with fresh vegetables.

Exotic Mushroom Pasta - 14 Locally grown oyster and shiitake mushrooms tossed with whole wheat linguini, tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil and parmesan.

Mediterranean Pasta - 12 Zucchini, portabella mushroom, tomato, artichoke hearts, onions, olives, garlic and penne pasta tossed in light olive oil and sprinkled with feta.

Vegetable Curry - 12 Stir-fry with chickpeas, potato, mushroom, tomato, carrot, onion and celery tossed in a vegetarian red curry sauce.

Asparagus Whole Wheat Linguini

Asparagus Whole Wheat Linguini

Vegetables with Spicy Garlic Sauce - 11 Fresh vegetables tossed in a zesty garlic sauce. Add tofu – 1

Hunan Tofu 12  Lightly fried tofu and fresh vegetables sauteed in a spicy Hunan sauce.

Asparagus Whole Wheat Linguini 13  Tossed in a creamy roasted tomato sauce and sprinkled with feta cheese.